DAO Farmer


DAO Farmer has a total of 5 tokens, 4 of which are output tokens and 1 is a governance token.


Contract: 0xfeB37569f06D7D06fcAd51b7992f492b072DD3a3
Total supply of 5,000,000 (5 million)
$DAOF as DAO Farmer’s governance token, is the most important Token in the whole game ecosystem and is also the most expected functional token in the mid to late-stage economic model.
  • The total supply of $DAOF is deflated from 100 million to 5 million. 95% of $DAOF deflated tokens have been destroyed.
  • Announcing the $DAOF Tokenomics
  • $DAOF is officially planned to be listed in an exchange. CEX is currently in progress.
  • DAO Reactor: Supply Logic Refer the OHM Bond Model
  • Setup $DAOF metaverse eco-fund
Farmers with NFT tools will receive DAOF Airdrops, which can increase the efficiency of farmers' production. The specific use will be announced at a later stage.


Contract: 0x5645e089AAbbda1Aa3FEe7C56208013cFeFd1850
The total supply is Infinite and is produced by farmers doing hunting. Meanwhile, DFM can be used to recover farmers' Energy, 1 DFM = 5 Energy.


Contract: 0x4e52D1dCE54AB9D3C1798673B9cF1947E6660A3e
The total supply is Infinite and is produced by farmers for logging. Also DFW can be used to synthesize NFT tools.


Contract: 0xdae7a4aacbBCaf13E9A101A2bF376Fcb3931aD27
The total supply is Infinite and mined out by farmers. DFG can be used to restore the Durability of NFT tools, 1 DFG = 5 Durability. Also DFG can be used to synthesize NFT tools.


Contract: 0xfa7DBFFE14E966feED90fBFf90B1B723F53f294a
The total supply 10,000,000,000.
As a large number of farmers began to exploit the town's resources, the town resources began to become increasingly scarce. More importantly, with a large number of farmers mining, the town's environment began to be seriously polluted. At the same time, taking into account the needs for economic development, mining and hunting could not be banned altogether. Finally, the town's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided that farmers need to have a mining license $LICENSE before they can carry out normal mining and hunting.
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