DAO Farmer


How did the lone cowboy hero become such a potent figure in American culture? The cowboy tradition was reinvented in our times as the established myth of America.
The story takes place in the 1990s, there is a farm, from obscurity to national fame, in just three years. The owner of the farm, “George Eastwood”, did it all.
George Eastwood
Those who know him have given him high praises and given him the title of the [Legendary Farmer] [Farm Business God], that’s only two of the many. The beginning of the story is focused on Jeff Eastwood the father of George Eastwood.
Jeff Eastwood is the father of George Eastwood, he is known to be a down-to-earth farmer. The trajectory of the life of Jeff Eastwood has changed dramatically since the day his friend took him to a casino and made a small fortune. Gradually becoming addicted to gambling, Jeff suffer huge losses and causes the frequent stopping of the farms’ operation; eventually, in the last gambling, Jeff took on a large amount of debt, and Jeff had to mortgage most of the farm’s belongings to pay off the debt. Being so devastated and depressed, Jeff drinks all day and stops taking care of the farm which is about to go bankrupt.
When George learned the situation of his father and their farm, he immediately put down his work and rushed home. Seeing his old father’s degenerate appearance, he scolded him and told him to wake up and not to lose hope; seeing his fathers’ hopelessness, George firmly decided to quit his current job to take over his father’s farm.
George’s mother died during labour and George was lucky to survive. George has been dependent on his father since childhood and has a deep affection for him. The farm has memories of George’s childhood so George does not want the farm to go bankrupt; Then George invested his own money in his father’s dilapidated farm and goes on the road to revitalize the farm.
The storyline of “Legendary Farmer” takes place when George Eastwood initially takes over his father’s farm. Next George will invest his money and then use his business acumen and contacts. Dreaming of reviving the farm and preserving his childhood memories, George must work hard and persevere! The journey to becoming the famous Legendary Farmer is in your hands!