DAO Farmer

Rising Phase

The Rising phase is an important step of DAO Farmer’s journey into the farming metaverse. Some players who have experienced Play-to-Earn mode in the Newborn phase will have access to DAO Land Airdrop, as the areas owned by farmers will evolve from small farms to large city-states. The entire continent will then be on display with the land owned by each farmer spread out across the continent and available to interact with each other.
Each piece of land will contain a certain amount of native resources for farmers to exploit. Farmers will need to plan their land and gradually develop agriculture, military, commerce, education, and medicine to strengthen their area and form a civilization unique to the player’s city-state. In the land, all the materials needed for the development of farmers can be obtained by mining minerals, farming, etc., and the corresponding resources can also be obtained on the trading platform.
In the Rising phase, the larger the land, the stronger the overall strength and the higher the benefits the player receives. After the farmers have fully exploited the existing resources of the land, the development rate of the land will be limited. At this point, farmers who want to increase their earnings can choose to buy additional land or go to war with other farmers and the ownership of the land will go to the winning side. Of course, the side that is waged to war can choose to refuse to avoid the loss of land. However, once all the land is owned, the only way to continue to increase your income is to go to war.
In the Rising phase, the area managed by the farmer expands from a small farm to an entire city-state, which means that there are more factors to consider. As a result, farmers need to be more resourceful and spend more time. But more input also means higher returns. In the Rising phase, all the game elements of the land will become assets of the farmer. A forest, a lake, etc. is an exclusive NFT, and the farmer can choose to rent or sell the resources in the market for other resources or income. This phase will be a highly free modular game with multiple gameplay and multiplayer online modes showing the initial look of the farming metaverse.
Last modified 1yr ago