DAO Farmer


DAO Farmer aims to be friendly to new players, so that players can have more game strategy combinations as well as give the new players an easier way to join the game.
  • Launch method: Mini tools are only available in PaaS (same price capture mechanism as PaaS), players cannot forge them.
  • Working scenario: Mini tools only work in MiniFarm (4 working slots in total), Mini tools can't work in the regular farm and Auto Farm.
  • 7 days working duration: Mini tools are consumable and cannot be unloaded after they started the work. Mini tools will be automatically destroyed after the work is finished.
  • Farming tax: Mini tool needs to pay 8% farming tax (50% goes into DAO vault), it does not calculate Farm Tycoon gain acceleration and is not applicable for partner invitation bonus.
  • 0 consumption: Mini tools do not consume energy and do not need to repair their durability.
  • ROI: It is shown as theoretical ROI in Mini Farm, output is released linearly for 7 days, players can claim the released profit at any time.