DAO Farmer


There are 3 main resources in Farmers World: Wood, Food and Gold corresponding to 3 tokens: DFW (Wood), DFM (MEAT), DFG (Gold).
Hunting Grounds: Hunting Grounds is a large area of virgin forest inhabited by several species of animals. Farmers can use tools to hunt in the hunting grounds in order to protect farm crops and harvest rewards.
Forest: The primeval forest contains not only animals, but also rich timber resources. Farmers need to cut down trees for wood to make tools and prepare for the cold winter.
Gold mines: Gold mines can produce gold, which can provide farmers with raw materials for making tools and also bring great rewards.
Energy: The player's initial energy is 2000 points of energy, and the energy limit is 6000 points. Every time you work, energy will be consumed, energy can be replenished with MEAT.
MEAT - DFM: Farmers use different tools in their work and consume different amounts of Energy. Players can recover energy through the meat produced by hunting. 1 DFM = 5 Energy. Players can obtain DFM through three tools, namely stick, bows, and shotgun.
WOOD - DFW: Wood is the main material used to synthesize tools, players can obtain DFW through three tools, namely axe, saw, and electric saw.
GOLD - DFG: Using tools will consume durability, using gold can replenish the durability of tools, 1 DFG = 5 Durability. Besides, DFG is also one of the necessary materials for synthesizing tools. Players can obtain DFG through two tools, namely pick and miner.