DAO Farmer


At AutoFarm, players can reduce GAS expenses as well as the frequency of NFT tools operations and farm partners can get extra earnings through inviting people.
  • NFT tools work for 48 hours, during this time, players cannot perform any operations on working NFT tools, this includes repairing durability and unstaking.
  • Players who stake NFT tools at AutoFarm will be required to pay a lump sum of the required meat resources for 48 hours when they start working. The required meat resources correspond to the following table (unit: DFM)
  • After the NFT tool has completed the 48 hours of work, players need to repair the durability of the NFT tool before they can start working again or click "-" to extract the NFT tool back to the warehouse.
  • NFT tool revenues will be produced in the block within 48 hours, players can view and withdraw the current revenue at any time.
  • AutoFarm counts Farm Tycoon Gains (6%) as well as farm taxes (8%) as well.
  • AutoFarm's standard technical service fee is 6.5%, which is reduced to 5% if there is a farm partner invitation. If AutoFarm is used without an invitation address tied to it, it is considered a waiver of the benefit of being invited.
  • Invitation Method and Mechanism. Players can obtain a badge after paying 15 DAOF for a farm partner in " AutoFarm ", and the user address will get the right to the invitation to AutoFarm.
  • Technical service fee introduction. If you don't fill in the invitation link, then the technical service fee is 6.5%, all of which is paid to the technical service fee address. If you fill in the invitation link, then the technical service fee is 5%. This will be split into two parts, 4% and 1%. 4% of the invitee's tax will go to the person who invited him/her, and 1% goes to the technical service address.
    Example: John(Invitee) was invited by Bobby(Person who invited John), 4% of John's tax will go to Bobby and the other 1% goes to the technical service address.
  • AutoFarm Invitation Rules
  • Players must pay 15 DAOF to become a farm partner, the farm partner address is the valid invitation address. All DAOF tokens paid will be automatically destroyed.
  • Farm partners can't invite themselves by filling in their own invitation address
  • Farm partners can't invite each other (if A invited B, then B can't invite A again)
The calculation for example
AXE Output is 120. Then 120 * 1.06 Tycoon gain ( 6% addition) * 0.92 (8% farm tax(deduction)) * 0.935 ( 6.5% auto farm fee (deduction, without invitation)) , or 120 * 1.06 Tycoon gain ( 6% addition) * 0.92 (8% farm tax(deduction)) * 0.95 ( 5% auto farm fee (deduction, with invitation))


To be able to join the AutoFarm feature, players just need to pay 15 DAOF. This feature is open to all users who want to create their own farming team! The paid 15 DAOF tokens will be immediately burned, causing the scarcity of the supply which in return, benefits the whole game ecosystem.
So here's the thing, if player A invited player B, then player A will get a revenue of 4% from player B's 5% tax, the other 1% will go to the technical service address of the game, this 5% tax is automatically deducted by the system, remember, the referral bonus is only applicable in the AutoFarm section of the game.
The tax process for auto farms goes like this, first calculate the 6% DAOF bonus and next, deduct the 8% farm tax, the rest of the profits, go to the player. The AutoFarm profits are released linearly based on the block height which is claimable at any given time.
Right now, the players can use up to 15NFTs per account, 9 of which are positioned for the normal farming mode, and the remaining 6 NFT tools are positioned on the auto farm mode. This feature will be beneficial for both the game and the players, more profits and people will find it more interesting.
So the best way is for you to create a new address, and use this address to become a partner, next, use this new address to invite your friends and also to invite yourself ( your current address which has a working NFT). In this way, your new address could earn the invitation profit of (4%), and your current address will pay 5% for the auto farm. In this way, you are actually just paying a 1% tax.


Q: What are the benefits of AutoFarm?
A: In the AutoFarm mode, players can reduce GAS expenses as well as the frequency of NFT prop operation, and farm partners can get invitation dividends.
Q: Technical service fees for the AutoFarm?
A: AutoFarm is a functional module that players that is optional for the players, whether they play with it or not. In the AutoFarm, you can reduce the gas expenditures and NFT prop operation as mentioned in number 1.
Q: Can I just become a farm partner and not participate in the AutoFarm tool staking?
A: Yes, there is no conflict between the two functions. When you become a Farm Partner, you will get the invitation bonus.
Q: Does the invitee only have the invitation bonus for the props placed in the automation, or do all props have it?
Yes, only the invitee staked tools in the AutoFarm, the invitee will get the bonus.
Q: Do I need to pay 15 DAOF only once to become a farm partner?
Yes, a one-time payment is required to become a farm partner permanently.
Q: When is the technical service fee deducted? When will the invitation bonus be paid?
A: Regarding the farm tax, technical service fee and invitation bonus earnings are currently credited to the corresponding address at once when the user stakes NFT mining in the AutoFarm. The player's own earnings are released linearly within 48 hours.
Q: if AutoFarm is started without an invitation code first and later sometime, you decided to do an auto farming with invitation code is it possible?
A: Nope. You have only one chance, it is a one-time subscription, but you could transfer the NFT to another wallet and play the AutoFarm with an invitation code.