DAO Farmer

Newborn Phase

In the Newborn phase, DAO Farmer will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is the first Play-to-Earn farm simulation game on BSC. The game contains three types of resources that players can acquire and these are GOLD, MEAT, and WOOD. When players have labor tools, they can go to the corresponding farms to perform labor to obtain resources. All three types of resources are assets that can bring income to the player also, the player can exchange the resources into the corresponding tokens.
In addition to being an output, three resources are necessary to keep the farmers on being productive. Firstly, the labor tools can be forged using GOLD and WOOD and the amount of GOLD and WOOD required for each tool varies depending on the type of labor tools that you want to forge. Secondly, farmers in the game have the concept of ENERGY, and each labor consumes the corresponding amount of ENERGY. When the farmer’s ENERGY is not enough for the next round of work, the player needs to replenish his ENERGY with the meat or choose to wait for the ENERGY to recover. Similarly, tools have a similar design. Tools have a DURABILITY property and each labor will lose a certain amount of DURABILITY. When the DURABILITY is not enough for the next round of labor, the tool DURABILITY will not be automatically restored, and the player needs to use the GOLD to increase the DURABILITY of the tool.
In this phase, players of DAO Farmer can get high returns with the tools. Backed by the mature GameFi ecosystem of BSC, DAO Farmer has a very low entry barrier. Currently, BSC is one of the most flourishing public chains of GameFi, with a large number of users and perfect DeFi infrastructure which ensures the number of users and token circulation of DAO Farmer. As the first simulation farm GameFi on BSC, it gives BSC an important role in this track and is expected to meet the market demand and further its scalability.