DAO Farmer

Arrival Phase

The Arrival phase is an upgrade to the players’ experience and the real landing of the farming metaverse. After the development of science and technology, the game equipment at this time has had multiple generations of turnover. VR and body-sensing equipment began to become mature and common. In this phase, DAO Farmer will launch a VR version, and players can enter the game through VR as well as body-sensing devices.
The appearance characteristics of farmers can be customized by players or use the reality mapping function. Players will physically experience all the game content and get an immersive farmer metaverse experience. At the same time, all elements in the game will be re-modeled in 3D to give players a 1-to-1 simulation of the world.
In the game, players can personally lead the army to carry out a crusade to hunt the head of the enemy in the wilderness of the blood-boiling battle. Enjoy planting crops waiting for the harvest of leisure time; can be teamed up with other players, brush the game designed pirate copies and so on, all the game experience can be experienced from the first point of view and have a real sense of touch throughout. Of course, the benefits will also be there as always. The new 3D city-state also requires players to operate the planning, in this stage players can experience all the processes first-hand to immersive game experience to gain revenue.
The Arrival phase is not the end of DAO Farmer either, in the future DAO Farmer will continue to stay at the forefront of blockchain games, combining the development of the game and blockchain technology to create a flawless farming metaverse.
To be continued…
Last modified 1yr ago