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DAO Farmer team is composed of blockchain veterans and traditional professional game studios. The team includes members of operations, technology development, game development, graphic design and economist with rich experience in blockchain project design and over 10 years of game development.
We are committed to making DAO Farmer to The Next Generation PVP+DAO Metaverse Simulation GameFi On BSC, so that players can really "Play to Earn", DAO Farmer will change the fragmented model of traditional game where multiple parties are on their own and connect every participant together in GameFi. Based on BSC and NFT, it clarifies the ownership of virtual assets and initially builds a shared value network.
Players can enjoy the game, participate in it, and also get the corresponding income to build DAO Farmer together. DAO Farmer team provides an open environment for the game, pays full attention to community opinions, puts the interests of players first, and grows together with players.

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